Watercooling Case - Red
Watercooling Case - Red

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Cleaning set

Cleaning set
Cleaning set

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Cleaning set contains:


- 300ml of Ethanol, denaturated, Ethyl alcohol den. min. 96%.

- Microfibre cloth (it can be different colour)



Denatured alcohol is an ethanol that has been rendered undrinkable by adding a toxic substance to it. Typically, methanol is added to the ethanol but a variety of other substances are used, such as acetone and gasoline. Denatured alcohol can be used as a liquid sander or as a stain remover, among other things.


Denatured alcohol is best used to clean hard surfaces. It can get to stains where other soaps and detergents cannot. Denatured alcohol is helpful to get rid of grease stains and is good for cleaning spots on hard floors, CDs, windows, kitchen appliances and the like. Denatured alcohol is not meant to clean clothing, upholstery or leather as it can stain and ruin fabrics and other porous materials.

How to Use

Denatured alcohol can be dabbed on a cloth which can then be used to blot a stain. Denatured alcohol can also be placed in a spray bottle where it can be sprayed on a stain and then rubbed with a cloth. Often, a clean dry cloth is used after the stain removal to dry and polish the formerly stained area. Denatured alcohol is used to clean paint brushes, paint spills and other similar stains. Often, the more stubborn the spot, the longer you will let the denatured alcohol stay on the spot before cleaning it off.

Use with Caution

Denatured alcohol should be used with caution and kept in a safe place out of the reach of children. Denatured alcohol is flammable and hazardous if swallowed or if it gets into an open wound or in the eyes. Proper ventilation is also important when using denatured alcohol as the fumes can be toxic and detrimental to your health. Remember that denatured alcohol is potent. Test the solvent before using in a large area as it may be more potent a cleaner than desired. It might remove paint and blemish the surface of what you intend to clean. Follow directions on the bottle accordingly.