Watercooling Case - Red
Watercooling Case - Red

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The LittleDevil LD PC-V8 ATX Liquid Cooling PC Case is designed from the ground up for housing an internal liquid cooling system with the maximum cooling power possible. This extraordinary case can house up to three separate quad 120mm fan radiators! Two of them fit in the isolated liquid cooling compartment at the bottom of the case that keeps the heat from the radiators from interacting with your motherboard and video cards. The third quad 120mm fan radiator mounts at the top of the case and vents warm air straight out of the case, cooling the entire hardware compartment.

This case is all about options, you can install two triple 120mm fan radiators in the bottom compartment instead. You can choose to run two power supply units, instead of just one. You can run 140mm intake fans at the front of the case and a 120mm exhaust fan at the back. You can mount up to 8 separate Solid State Drives (SSD) throughout the case, and 5 standard Hard Disk Drives (HDD) with the included anti-vibration screws.

With all of this going on, you can watch it easily through the large Plexiglas window on the side of the case. Even the two front switches are illuminated for extra aesthetic appeal.

If you are looking to water cool, there isn't a case on the market better designed for it than the LittleDevil LD PC-V8 ATX Liquid Cooling PC Case!